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 Please use the buttons below to schedule your appointment.  


It is likely that it will take a while to get an appointment with me.  I rarely get cancellations and I do not have last minute appointments available.  

On occasion, I have to cancel and reschedule appointments. In this event, you will be offered the first available appointment which may take several months.  

I do my best to rebook as fast as possible, but the quality of our time together is my first priority.


I understand that life happens for you too, and for this reason you can cancel or reschedule your appointment anytime up until the time of your appointment.


I appreciate as much advance notice as you can give me.


Thank you, 


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There are currently no reading appointments available.

Please enter your contact information below, even if you are already my client, as I will be sending out a notice in the next few months when appointments open again.

 We've received your information, thank you for submitting.  Please visit the SPIRITWALKING FORUM  page to connect with Asa's upcoming events.

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