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Asa is a psychic medium and intuitive strategist.  He came into the world with his psychic centers wide open and his heart surrounded by barbwire.  Living in an unsafe household, it was years before he began to drop his forcefield.  Throughout his journey he had spirits and guides who would show up and speak with him about the nature of humans and the wounds we naturally carry.  At the age of thirteen he moved to Florida, into an apartment above a psychic and her mother who was a Strega from the old country.  Though reluctant to talk about these subjects with him, they became the first mentors to open the door into a deeper understanding of his natural connection to the spirit world. When he was fifteen, Asa’s mother fought to get him into a program where he could study with Cookie, a local indigenous teacher who did not approve of someone so young taking her training.  She never softened to him, but her teachings influence his work to this day (thank you Mom and thank you Cookie).   


In seventh grade, Asa knew school was not a place where he would get the tools he needed to succeed. Though he did not quit formal education until he was in eleventh grade, Asa began working full-time hours in the business world, igniting his entrepreneurial spirit.  By the time he was eighteen, he saved enough money to purchase his first company, a picture framing store in South Florida.  It became clear that picture framing was not his authentic path and the search continued, with a series of openings and closings of businesses that would never satisfy his creative urge.  Asa realized that he enjoyed the process of opening a business, but he had no interest in maintaining one, so he began his career as a consultant to those who wanted to launch their own dream of starting a company.  Simultaneously, Asa also began another life on the radio, teaching workshops and doing readings: he was a spiritual worker guiding all those who wanted to learn and grow with him.

When Asa turned thirty his life changed again, and he set his sights on New York City.  He realized it was time to step out of his role as a consultant and step into his role as a spiritual guide.  With only three clients and a hundred business cards, he launched in Manhattan.  His reputation grew quickly as he blended his understanding of business with his natural tendency to a higher purpose, carving his path as a psychic and a professional guide in the global community of “Who’s Who,” and creating a spiritual speakeasy where the entrance password was a referral from someone who had experienced the magic of a sacred session.


Guided by spirit and the need to awaken to a higher manifestation for modern civilization, Asa has stepped out of his speakeasy to host, guide, and share the wisdom needed for this current evolutionary flux by acknowledging the painful process we are in. Asa is doing his part to invite humanity to co-create the next iteration of our species in a higher state of being – one that is guided by love.

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